Chrysler Voyager Panasonic Collaboration

On a sunny day like today in Dover it’s difficult to ignore the thousands of people setting off for the annual dueled across France with the family probably in a compact full of screaming kids now a lot of families have decided to take the plunge and invest in a large MPVs doll vehicle only to discover that just means there’s more room to argue it. Chrysler Voyager have got together with Panasonic and they’ve equipped avoids it with more technology than you can shake a remote tats to great probably the ultimate getting call entertainment. And it’s over here.

Chrysler VoyagerGerman went see day with the 2 letters that represented the last word in technology will now that 3 letters DVD, digital video discs. And they’re in here as all the screens not 1 not 23 television screens in half. This is what high tech interior. And your first question is. Where is all the technology well it’s hidden it’ll get a little bit James Bond okay meet you can say this fairly standard little stereo unit more on that later but other than that it’s standard Voyager kit though but it’s not. For instance, in mice and visor, I have the control unit for the DVD system, itself and then those 3 screens well number one my front seat passenger. Isn’t there a visor and then behind me down the length of the cover well we have negative.

I’m right in the back. Number 3 for the racy passages that also equipped with a set of headphones each so what can happen is on that long Jenny me the driver sits at Baptist into. Something refined like maybe a full. Event and the more passengers what one of them might want to watch a video from the DVD system one might want to watch the television all at the same time and ultimately somebody the backlight perhaps want to play video games. It’s all possible. Emplate isolation. But to me it’s gonna be better than plain who can spot the most caused by the side of the road on a long journey. Nice headlights and fog led lights, you get more information by clicking on the link. Kids are in the back locking about I was always.

Tell me all, Very soon, Noble locking about. The quite interested. So let’s recap where we got from the old days when you had a little radio with 2 dogs on that just about to reveal 16 tracks we have up front a very elaborate stereo we have a DVD that digital video disk system that means digital quality video is available through the com thank you we have one screen at the front in the sun visor we have 0.5 of may we have one here for the red 2 passengers. Then Completely effect. We have the headphones which can be tuned to which of a social listening to at any time. Go back. And enjoy the journey is what it was like being on a plane really. Zebras are steps of my. So what about that stereo when we also have something just a little bit special ed believe me the kids are just gonna love these.

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