Headlight Bulb Remove Replace 2013 Hyundai Elantra

Since they really shouldn’t her place headlight both. Now in your 2013 Hyundai Elantra along this one is a 2007 model and the ball for this car here have a mobile studio each 11 poll selfless couldn’t take a look at that under in your. Media departments about what it is like. NCLEX. Okay a superior looking. And lettuce.

2013 hyundai elantra headlightRight here and we got 2 covers. These guys are really difficult to take off what you can use your gonna push early hard and I’m gonna stick my other finger in there and help me. Wish in the well finally popped off in the middle bill to pull this cover off now this is the low beam I’m taking both these off so she had a place both these Hyundai Elantra Headlight bulbs. Now for this current here 2013 hyundai elantra headlight. It’s just a push Headlights in move over in the sky dome plugs so basically you reach. Around here you unplug this piece. Then you push. And let me it’s got put back up because I want to own read this book but you. Push And come up with it and now you can see your both please.

And if you have the wire disconnected then you will be able to meet your ball but I’m not our place in the sponsor ms consider back in here in the for this book over here twisting come out and I’m not sure you can see the ball so hard get a better angle on him just like. Okay SO here’s our main headbutt bold and basically the Florida we’re just going to spin them lefty Lucy and he’s gonna pop out here so it’s been like that you perform out the old globe any conceivable terminals when you twist the slides into little tracks there of Sir there there’s a connection may with the terminal so now also you put in the new Headlight bulb.

So here’s our new balm in Gus orgy be careful not such bold because all for your skin will set on the bold them when your car is running in your bulbs owned. They can cause premature the blowing of the book and you don’t want us there visage if this gun here is can go right back in the same way he came out. Like so and now we’ll just take appropriate steps to come back home Newton minnow on what you see the words he. You wanna place if. Region there and twist freely talk and Flockton. In those privileges so it’s an inconclusive project that’s watching as the most scenic stopped and guys this is your hobby murder here and again this is your low beam to hop in Libya. It. It’s what you don’t forget to subscribe to get familiar with public money. Time limits of time talking and I was.

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