Methods of understating the machine.

understating the machineIf you decide to understate the landing of vehicle, it is possible two options: pruning of spring and shorten the stem. The first option is the simplest, motorists resort to it in most cases. However, there are some nuances that should be considered:

  • the degree of undervaluation will depend on how spring is clipped, which increases the risk to catch the bottom of the car to bumps in the road;
  • shortening of rod racks will lead to a constant voltage in the spring, resulting its shock-absorbing capacity decreased, and any bump will be given to the cabin;
  • optimal understatement – is 4-5 cm from the previous level, or mud flaps will suffer from meetings with speed bumps and pits on the roads. For best effect, you can install the kit;
  • incorrectly underestimated cars can manifest itself in too lowered rear. The presence of passengers at the same time may make it impossible to move.

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