Tips for installation of spark plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for the ignition of the fuel mixture in the engine of the car. Its size influences on the sparking gap and affects on the correctness of the process. If the gap is exposed properly, the negative effects are inevitable. When it is too small, the sparks will be fast and weak, and can’t provide the required ignition, as a result – the partial combustion of the fuel, its excessive consumption and a strong exhaust.

installation of spark plugs

How to install the spark plugs:

  • Work with a wrench, of the size corresponding hexagon candles, be careful not to damage the insulator.
  • During replacing, make sure that oil and other contaminants from the outside did not penetrate into the motor.
  • Make sure that it is exposed vertically and tighten them gently with your hands on a maximum effort.
  • Use a spark plug wrench for more precise tightening to the required torque or angle.

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