Unique set for the oil change

oilComfortable access to the technical information is the key to the efficient repair process. This is particularly true for the scheduled repairs.

That’s why the company Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG updated the catalog of MEYLE sets for the change of oil in the automatic transmission: with a total of 45 items, the assortment of MEYLE sets for the oil change is designed for more than 4000 car models. Moreover, all the available sets are provided with the list of all separate components, necessary for the repair with respective catalog numbers. The production in the catalogue, available in English, is grouped by the lines.

The information is available in the printed catalog (MEYLE number: CAT 999 0045), the electronic catalog and in the special site section with the function of catalog, allowing the users to find Dodge dakota tail lights and the right set for the oil change, searching on the car models or the type of gearbox. The special site section is translated into eight languages.

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